Ultra High Purity ReagentsUltra-clean and High-purity Reagents: As one of the main enterprises of ultra-clean and high-purity reagents in China, the company engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of ultra-clean and high-purity reagents for nearly 20 years. The company has developed and incorporated advanced technology in ultra-clean and high-purity reagents. Many products have reached the G4 level, among which are the ultra-clean and high-purity hydrogen peroxide, the ultra-clean and high-purity sulfuric acid. Meanwhile, the ultra-clean and high-purity ammonium hydroxide have achieved an overall technical breakthrough, reaching the G5 level.

- Ultra High Purity Reagents

Semiconductor manufacturing process

Compliance: SEMI Grade5 standard

SEMI Grade5 For 14nm and further technology node

Product Information Details

H2O2Widely used in the semiconductor front wet cleaning process, including the cleaning of particles, metal impurities and organic residues
H2SO4Removing photoresist and other organic residues
NH4OHRemoving water particle and cleaning polymer
NH4F·HFEtchant of silicon oxide used in wet etching process
HNO3Applied in water recycling and cleaning process
HCIApplied in metal ion impurity removing process
C4H13NOApplied in water thinning process and also universal developer of photoresist
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